Birthdays, spa days and days ever after


Whew! I’ve had all sorts of access issues changing blogs, and even accessing my old blog. I really felt like giving up, folding my laptop and going into my happily ever after. Even as I write this, my husband bent over to kiss the tip of my nose and dropped last night’s wine glass that he was carrying into the kitchen. Naturally, it smashed into a trillion glass shards. The dog, Augie, arrived instantly to investigate and had to be dragged outside to safety – not easy with a large Golden Retriever! Husband, slow to organise and in bare feet, managed to step on a splinter of glass, necessitating a search for a pair of tweezers. I am trying hard not to connect that as another nudge to give up writing!

Segue. Why is it a pair of tweezers? Is a tweezer but a stick? Is a trouser but a bare bottom?

I celebrated my birthday, my 60th, earlier this month. The day itself was lost somewhat as a daughter was moving into their new home and I was babysitting 2-year-old granddaughter, though they did appear with takeaway for dinner and a few drinks around the pool in the evening. I have more of a birthday season, rather than a day; well, when it is a special birthday ending in a zero. A week later, we lunched with more family at a perfectly perfect Brisbane bayside restaurant.

It was a second choice for lunch, as the first restaurant we booked at the temerity to burn down the week before we were due and so we went from a hilltop reservation to a sea view. I must say, I suspect we enjoyed the 2nd choice more than we would have had the first. Sorry for the fire though.

Yet to come in this birthday season is a mother and 2 daughters spa day. I have even opted for the vichy shower! Then another weekend there will be lunch with my ladies. We are all turning 60 this year so it is a passing feast of festivals!

It has been a very busy life since I have retired, entirely family centred. It is lovely to build a growing relationship with my three, soon to be four grandchildren, but I must be honest that there hasn’t been enough time for me (I know, fancy saying that when I have just listed a plethora of birthday celebrations!) however there has been no time to breathe, to self-care, to garden, to even clean house. In fact, our home is starting to look like a bachelors’ pad as Son and Husband housekeep to their standards.

Segue. Why do some men think “putting things away” means lining them all up in a row on the kitchen bench, not in the pantry? Everything must be visible, it seems, in case it decides to make a quick escape.

The older we grow, once going to a workplace ever day is no longer the defining structure of our lives, our time came be absorbed, almost like osmosis, by others. The needs of children and grandchildren, ageing parents, or spouses. It can be difficult to redefine who you are, and how to go forward in a healthy and sustainable way. I haven’t mastered it, yet, but I am working on it. I need to meet my needs to meet the needs of others, as motherhood never ceases and evolves into grandmotherhood, and a spouse has a place as well.

And that is what this blog is – me and my sixties, life and love and all things in between.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays, spa days and days ever after

  1. Re the pair of tweezers: I was trying to explain this very concept to a student who just moved to the US from Pakistan. I simplified it by saying anything with “two legs”—scissors, pants, tweezers, etc.—is referred to as a pair. She then asked, “What does it mean when someone says, “Grow a pair?”

    I was speechless. So young and so briefly in this country….


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