The sixties, not that sixties, my sixties


I turned sixty this month and a series of events have celebrated my birth and continuing life. Yesterday, it was a mother-daughter afternoon at a day spa. I had the complete treatment with massage, vichy shower, facial, manicure and pedicure. After three hours I was jettisoned onto the street in fake foam thongs (flipflops in other worlds) and  warnings not to mess up my nail treatments.

This morning upon the throne, I had cause to reflect that my bum really did feel as soft as a baby’s bottom!

I also enjoyed a lovely nights sleep, until 10.30 in the am. Life is good, at times.

Next week I am lunching with my besties. One if celebrating her 60th birthday this week, so we are sharing the lunch celebrations. We were  group of eight in high school, but now, two live lives that do not allow then to join us. So, there will be six to lunch and a husband or two who could not offer a reasonable excuse for not joining us. One friend I met in kindergarten, and she of course if BFF.

I can tell we are all excited to see each other again; its been a year or two since a major group gathering, because we keep messaging each other. It’s nice – bit like our teenage years when there was a round robin of telephone calls to confirm Friday night activities.

It’s nice too, that we can all celebrate turning 60 throughout the year. I am the second one this year. Number one had a party, which only two of us attended. It was nice though to see her so happy, remarried some 20 odd years after her divorce. I chose a series of small events – family lunch by the shore, spa day and friendship lunch for mine. I think friend celebrating this week is having a series of family and friend lunches too. Quiet joys and making memories.

My only issue is how to make my manicure last until the weekend for our luncheon. I wanted to garden this week, so I guess I have to find some thick gloves. Do you know it is my very first professional manicure. Yes, and I am sixty, so it proves that you can still experience “firsts” at any age.